Monday, March 26, 2012


Baseball season has started for Grady and continues for Gunnar (he plays year round) . Grady's first game is this week and Gunnar just returned from AZ after playing in one of many tournaments with the Sin City Outlaws.

Now I am starting to look for 'Baseball Mom' shirts as I know that this will be my life for the next 12-15+ years and I love it. I love being on the field and watching them play.

The boys are getting so big, it is hard to believe that they are growing so fast. Kurtis and I are very busy with practices around 6 nights a week between the two and games. But - we wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Insane is the only word I can find to describe us right now. Chaotic might be another word,is that even a word? Our days are spent in a gym or on a baseball field. Thank goodness I love sports!! What would I have done with a girl? (Mom asked me that yesterday) I said," Cut her hair short and give her a basketball!" LOL

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

So, my new year's resolution (besides exercising, eating better and taking care of myself and family) is to update my blog on a monthly basis. It has been since summer since I last posted, so I will quickly give the a recap.

After moving to Vegas, we got into the swing of things by jumping into sports with club baseball for Gunnar. This has been a total blast as well as hard work. Gunnar has learned so much and continues to grow in the sport. He also started basketball a few weeks ago, so needless to say - Gunnar is a busy boy.

Grady also started playing basketball with kids his age and practices daily in the backyard. He is quite the little shooter. We sign him up for Little League this month and he is looking forward to working on his swing and catching like Torri Hunter.

We took a few little short trips this year after the Tennessee reunion. The most recent was to Williams, AZ with the McDaniel family to travel to the North Pole on the Polar Express. We also visited the Grand Canyon. What a great time with GREAT friends.

Mom and Dad will be here in a few days for their 3 month visit. We look forward to spending time with Granny and Popaw. (Plus - the laundry fairy always shows up then for some reason).

Kurtis continues to commute to Pahrump for his job that is going well. My job as Lead Teacher at Somerset Academy has turned out to be such a blessing. I absolutely love what I do!

We wish you all a happy new year filled with happiness.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy Summer!

I can't even begin to describe our summer. We finally were able to get all of our stuff moved into Vegas. I have taken a job as a Lead Teacher at a new charter school in town called Somerset Academy. Kurtis decided to stay at the middle school in Pahrump, so he will be commuting each day. We began our summer in Gatlinburg to celebrate mom and dad's upcoming 45th wedding anniversay. What an adventure. We seriously took 1011 pictures and could never describe the fun that we had in Tennessee. Was great to get the cousins together again. "Four Stinkin' Grandsons" as mom would say. We had a ball - Dollywood, aquarium and Gatlinburg for alpine slides and shopping. A huge thanks to mom and dad for pulling it together!!! It was truly wonderful.